The Bullet Comes Home 1971 to 2010

1851 - 1900
Early days
  1900 - 1930
  First motorbikes
1931 - 1950
Bullet & Madras Motors
1951 - 1970
The legend is forged
1971 - 2010
The Bullet comes home


The Bullet comes home

In 1973, the 200cc, two-stroke Mini Bullet was introduced. With this bike Enfield India reached out to the younger market, providing them with a zippy, reliable, and economical mode of transportation. 

The 80s also saw the Bullet in many different versions. The Deluxe models appeared, in resplendent chrome and metallic colors, and 12 volt electric systems were offered as an option to aid in brighter lighting and easier starting.
It was also the year when Enfield India recognized a new demand for their flagship product. Their status as 'brand new vintages' placed Enfield Bullets in a fanatical niche market in the UK and Europe. People were looking to come back to motorcycling for a genuine, fun ride.

The 1990s saw many revolutionary models. The Taurus Diesel was the first Diesel motorcycle put into production in the world. The Bullet 500 was launched during this period and went on to become the most coveted model of the brand.

In 1994, The Eicher group acquired Enfield India Company and changed the name to Royal Enfield Motors Limited.


 saw the launch of the Bullet Electra.
This retro-styled Bullet Machismo was rated ‘No. 1 Cruiser’ in TNS Autocar survey.
The Bullet Electra International with a lean-burn engine was launched in the UK.


2005 saw the introduction of a fully integrated Twin Spark, 5-Speed engine that delivers a dramatic increase in performance and efficiency. The new engine powers all domestic and international models from 2007 onwards.

 Royal Enfield exported India’s first EFI, Euro III compliant motorcycle. 
The Thunderbird Twin-Spark was launched with a new Unit Construction Engine (UCE).

 2010 Royal Enfield is back in Canada. Origin Motorcycles starts a dealer network and starts the momentum for building a Royal Enfield culture in their country.