Bullet Classic Military EFI


The Mighty Bullet

The "Flying Flea" was a war hero used by the Royal Air Force during WWII. The "Flea," officially named Model RE, was a lightweight, 125cc bike, dropped in cages from the open doors of army planes with airborne troops so that soldiers would have transportation on the rough terrain below. A true test of Royal Enfield reliability.

The Military's matte green finish pays homage to its past, while sharing the all-new UCE, EFI engine, and chassis with the present day Bullet Classic.

Classic Military Features

  • 2 year, 10,000km, manufacturer's warranty
  • Original 1950s Bullet design
  • 2 year, 10,000 km manufacturer's warranty
  • All-new, fully-integrated unit construction engine for reduced engine vibration
  • Improved suspension for better handling
  • Higher cruising speeds with incredible 85 mpg fuel economy
  • Built to meet Euro III and California emissions standards
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