Handmade by people committed to Royal Enfield 

Over 300 highly skilled people hand assemble each Royal Enfield. From machine shop to paint and polish, there is care in every step of the bike manufacturing process. 

An active in-house Research & Development team works to meet the demands of a dynamic industry, including changing customer preferences and the challenges that come with international environmental standards. 

The Design team is equipped with the latest in CAD/CAM workstations and modeling software. Royal Enfield also collaborates with international companies to ensure they are always atop the highest quality control standards and continue to make an impression in the world market. 

Many of the company's staff are third generation, a true testament to the Royal Enfield loyalty and ongoing success of their motorcycles. From engine and gearbox assembly to hand painted gas tanks, each step of our manufacturing process makes Royal Enfield a world-class machine.