Inspired by the past, engineered for the future

To vintage enthusiasts, a Royal Enfield is what a motorcycle should look like.  It has a strong presence and makes a confident, but subtle statement about its rider. 

Royal Enfield design is driven by Originality, Reliability and Affordability. Riders are part of a community where customizing their motorcycles and their riding adventures are part of their identity.

  • Originality - Outfit your Royal Enfield with accessories to fit your custom design. Choose from seats, handlebars, wheels, exhausts, carriers, or even a side car to make your bike unique to you.
  • Reliability - The Bullet has existed for over half a century because of its reliability on rugged roads, and a promise to deliver the authentic Royal Enfield adventure to each of its riders. It is the bike of choice for touring companies traveling to the world's highest navigable roads in the Himalayas, also the testing grounds for the new Keihin EFI system. 
  • Affordability - No other motorbike on the market can offer the versatility of Royal Enfield, and your custom design does not come with a large price tag. 

Royal Enfield is both the revival of an old tradition and the beginning of a new adventure, and we continue to commit to building a world-class motorbike.